Environmental Pollution


  The pollution of air, land and water is called environmental pollution. It is a problem of modern life.

 Air Pollution is caused by smokes from vehicles, mills, factories, cooking ovens, etc. Bad smell of rotten garbage or rotten animals, etc pollute the air. The polluted air is harmful to man. It cause asthma, bronchitis and nerve diseases.

 Sound or noise pollution is caused by different kinds of horns, microphones and loud speakers. It affects our power of hearing.

 Water is polluted by poisonous chemicals and other wastages from mills and factories. Water born diseases are caused by impure water. Polluted water causes skin disease also.

 Land is polluted by uncollected rotten garbage, dirty sweepings. It is also polluted by fertilizers.

 We should be careful about pollution to live a healthy life. The Government should take adequate measures to tackle pollution.

Environmental Pollution

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 In the 21st century one of the greatest problems is environmental pollution.

 In our city the air is constantly being polluted by smoke from factories and the carbon monoxide. It is the nuclear explosions which contribute most to air pollution. The polluted air is harmful to man. It causes diseases like asthma, tuberculosis, bronchitis and nerves diseases. 

 Sound or noise pollution is caused by the use of different kinds of horns by vehicles and the indiscriminate use of microphones and loud speakers during social, religious and political gatherings. 

 Water is polluted by untreated sewage chemicals and other wastes from factories. Oil tankers often clean out their tanks at sea and power stations release hot water into rivers and pollute water which kills fish and plants. Water-borne diseases are caused by drinking impure water. Polluted water causes skin diseases also.

 The land we walk on — in both urban and rural areas —- is polluted by uncollected garbage. It is also polluted by extensive use of fertilizers.

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