The Dog And The Wolf

words: 174

               Once (one evening) a wolf met a dog. The wolf was lean and thin. He said to the dog, “How have you grown (become) so fat and healthy. The dog replied, “If you want to be as healthy as I am, come and guard my master’s house at night. My master will give you much food and you will be healthy. The wolf agreed. Suddenly the wolf noticed a mark round the dog’s neck and said, “What is this mark?” The dog replied, “It is the only mark of the chains,” “Chains!” cried the wolf in great fear. “Yes”, said the dog. “It seems you are not quite free then”, said the wolf. “But I get rich food to eat”, replied the dog. The wolf said, “I do not lose my freedom for rich (good) food. Saying so, the wolf went away. (“But I would rather be free in the woods”, said the wolf. “I hate the chains. I won’t be a slave for the richest good on earth”.

Moral: Freedom is above everything.

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