My Hobby

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               Different people (men) have different types of hobbies like photography, travelling, coin collecting, stamp collecting and many other things. I have also taken up a hobby. This is gardening. I have a small plot of land adjoining our house. I have developed it into a nice garden. I have planted many flower plants. At times I root out the grass. I pass my spare time there. I water them regularly. In the morning when I see a good number of flowers, my heart leaps with joy. I almost forget myself in delight when I see the flowers. I spent most of my idle time in my hobby. I dig out the soil with my spade. Gardening is a source of pleasure and profit. It is an art. It is a good exercise also. I breathe fresh air in the garden. It helps the growth of my mind and body. So I have chosen gardening as my hobby.

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