Kazi Nazrul Islam

words: 150

Kazi Nazrul Islam is the rebel poet of Bengal. He was born at Charulia in Burdwan on 24th May in 1899. He was naughty in his childhood. He received his early education at a village madrasa. He studied at a High School in Mymensingh in Bangladesh.. But he came back to Asansol and joined a local High school. He was well versed in Urdu and Persian. After the death of his father Nazrul joined the army during the first world war. His first writing was published from Karachi in Pakisthan. He was a great poet and a singer. He He was sent to jail for one year for writing a poem called ‘Agamani’. His noted works are ‘Agnibeena’, ‘Bandhanhara’, ‘Rikter Bedan’, ‘Bisher Banshi’, ‘Pralaya Shikha’, etc. He was famous for his poems Bidhrohi, Dhumketu etc. He was suffering from mental paralysis. The great poet died on 29th August in 1976.

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