The Widow And The Doctor

           One day a rich widow fell seriously ill. She lost her eyesight. She consulted a doctor. The doctor said to her, ‘you will come round in a few days’.  The widow said to the doctor, ‘If I can see everything after your treatment, I shall pay your fees and a handsome reward’. The doctor agreed. He visited the widow every alternate day for treatment. The widow’s house was full of valuables. The doctor took advantage of her blindness. He stole the jewellery, costly articles and valuable furniture one by one from her house. 

       The widow was cured after a month. She got back her eyesight. The doctor said, “Please pay my fees”. The widow refused to pay his dues. The doctor went to the court. The judge said to the widow, “Why don’t you pay the doctor as you promised?” You can see everything now. The widow said, “Lord, I can’t see my valuables any more in my house”. The case was clear to the judge. The doctor was accused of theft.

Moral: Dishonesty deserves punishment.

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