Dowry System

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             Dowry system is perhaps the greatest social malady of India today. It is an evil which is eating into the vitals of Indian society and weakening its structure. It is prevalent in all parts of India while other evils like untouchability and cast system on the wane. The evil of dowry system is assuming a gigantic dimension. The enactment of the dowry prevention has been failed to check its growth.

          Dowry system reduces a woman into a purchasable commodity and marriage into a bargain. Rich or poor, all parents are now obliged to offer dowry to get suitable husbands (bride grooms) for their daughters. Many parents have to get their daughters married and become paupers. The man who can offer the highest dowry can secure the most deserving husband for his daughter. Women are thus bought and sold like so many material objects. It is, therefore, natural that daughters are now regarded as liabilities in society and sons assets. 

          The suffering of the poor brides does not end here. In case their parents fail to keep their commitments, their daughters are subjected to inhuman tortures. They can find relief only in death. The parents of such helpless victims then run from pillar to post for justice but justice is nowhere to be found. 

          In order to uproot the evil of dowry system women should be properly educated so that they may grow conscious of their own dignity and prestige. Mere enactment will do nothing.

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