Noise Pollution


Sound Pollution


               Modern science has brought us both blessing and curse. Noise pollution is one of the curses of modern civilization. It is becoming nuisance and a matter of great concern. There are many factors that cause sound pollution. Indiscriminate use of microphones, shrill electrical horns of motor vehicles, sounds emitted by trains, various fireworks, repairing shops, slogans, radios and televisions are the main source of sound pollution. It affects people psychologically (mentally). Students, babies, the old and the sick – all are the victims of sound pollution. Sound pollution causes worries and anger. It causes sleeplessness, deafness, mental imbalance and other mental maladies.


                People must be aware of the danger of sound pollution. They should apply their common sense to minimize the producing of sounds and try to make very little use of the sound producing instruments. Law awareness and common sense of the people are very effective remedies that can save us from the evil. The Government and the Pollution Control Board should take appropriate measures to control sound pollution.

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