The Farmer And His Idle Sons


Hidden Treasure

words: 150

                  A farmer had two sons. They were very lazy. They never did any work. The farmer was anxious for their future. He thought and thought. He hit upon a plan on his death bed to teach them a lesson. One day he called his sons and said,” I have kept my treasure in my land. Dig the field and you will find it.” The sons rushed to the field at once and dug up the whole field. But they did not find treasure. (But nowhere did they find any treasure.) They said to themselves, “We must sow some seeds here.” They dug up the field. (The field was thoroughly ploughed.) Then they showed seeds in the field. The land produced rich crops. They understood (realised) that the crops were the hidden treasures. 

Moral: Industry is the mother of good luck.


Hard work is the key to prosperity.

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