War and Peace

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                 War and peace are two different ideas. They are the two sentiments of mankind which prevail over the minds of people of all ages. Poets sing of the glory of war. We feel proud when our country wins a war. War brings a country honour and glory. But they come through death and destruction. War causes men untold sufferings. Disease, misery, famine and despair are the horrible results.  War kills thousands of able-bodied young men. It is a great loss to the nation. Many are the men and women who lose their nearest and dearest ones in war. War destroys towns, cities and villages. It stops human progress. The economic development comes to a standstill. The prices of all the commodities rise. The production is hampered. The two world wars have taught us a lesson. In the last Great War, Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan, were destroyed.

               War, after all, is a curse. Force is not a solution for man’s problems. Force on its own is nothing. It never has the last word. Man by nature is fond of peace. He sometimes is forced to war but he wants peace. Peace is the greatest blessing of life.

             Our life becomes measurable if we have no peace of mind. War hampers our peace. Many nations of the world established the League of Nations after the First World War to prevent outbreak of war in future. But the league failed to check it. There is no existence of the league now. After the Second World War, United Nations Organizations (UNO) was founded. It is trying to establish peace in the world. The UNO announced 1986 as the year of peace. It is trying to establish peace in the world.

                 Nations should trust one another and do no wrong. The war will come to stand still and peace and happiness will reign on earth.

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