The Book Fair I Visited

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                  This year I had the opportunity to visit the book fair in Kolkata organised by the West Bengal Publishers Guild, Kolkata. It was held on the maidan opposite to Rabindra Sadan and created a stir among people for a few days in the city. It was a big fair occupying four acres of land. Rows of book stalls were installed. The main entrance was artistically designed. Thousands of books seemed to speak to me. Hundreds of people flocked to the fair. This was almost a delightful society. I visited almost all the stalls and did not notice how the minutes flew. I were as if in the land of books and wondered in a different world. After a careful selection, I bought a few books with 25% discounts and returned home with a feeling of rapture. Such a fair really adds to joy and contributes to the spread of literacy and culture.

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The Book Fair I Visited
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