Unemployment in India

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              Unemployment is a curse. It is worse than disease. It weakens the body and mind of our young people. A man without any employment is a burden to others.

            The causes of unemployment are many. The population of India is growing rapidly. There are more people than jobs. So it is difficult for all to get jobs. The British Government introduced a system of education in our country for carrying on administration only. It is being continued in free India also with slight changes. The system of education prepares young men to be clerks. But the Government and the private firms cannot absorb all the educated unemployed people in their office for clerical work. Trade and industry have not yet properly developed.

           Cottage industries in the villages have been ruined because of the establishment of large mills and factories. There has been great pressure on agricultural land because of the rapid growth of population. Many cultivators have got no land for cultivation. Our Government should try to develop agriculture. 

           We should change our notion. Our young men should build up new industries and form co-operative socities. More and more mills and factories must be set up throughout the country. We should set up cottage industries in our villages. The Government will have to help us with money to start our work. Self help is the best help. Without depending on the Government, the young people must support themselves. 

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