The Wolf And The Lamb

words: 139

         One day a little lamb was very thirsty. He went to a river to drink water. By chance, there came a wicked wolf and saw the little lamb. The wolf wanted to eat the lamb. He angrily said, “You naughty, you are making my drinking water muddy.”  The lamb said, “Sir, You are making a mistake. You are up the stream and I am down the stream. Water  flows from up to down.” The wolf hit upon a plan and said, “You naughty, you scolded me a year ago.” The lamb replied in fear, “I was not born then. I am only six months old.” Then the wolf said, “Surely your father scolded me. You must suffer for your father’s sin.” So saying he jumped upon the lamb and killed him.”

Moral: A rogue always serves a lame excuse. 

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