The Sun And The Wind

words: 165

                    One day the Sun and the wind were quarrelling over their strength. Each of them claimed to be stronger than the other and boasted of his force. So they could not solve their dispute. Suddenly they saw a man wearing a coat coming down the road. They wanted to test their strength on the man. The sun said, whoever can remove the coat from the man’s body will be considered the stronger. The wind tried first and started blowing harder and harder. But the man pulled his coat tightly round (around) his body. The wind gave up his hope. Then it was the Sun’s turn. He began to shine brighter and brighter and the weather became hotter and hotter. The man could not bear the heat. He took off (put off) his coat. The Sun won the beat (test). (The Sun proved to be stronger than the wind.)

Moral: Pride must have a fall


Pride goeth (goes) before fall (destruction).


Pride has its fall.

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