The Fox And The Stork

words: 180

            A fox and a stork/crane were friends. One day the fox hit upon a plan to make a fool of the crane. He invited the crone to a dinner. The crone came at the appointed time and was warmly received. The fox gave (offered) his friend some thin soup in a flat (dish) plate. The stork could not eat anything with his long bill. But the fox lapped up his dish very readily. The stork remained hungry at the end of the dinner. He understood the trick but kept silent.

           After a few days the crane invited the fox to dinner.  On the fixed day, the fox arrived. He received a warm welcome from the crane. The crane served him food (milk) in a jar with a long narrow neck (mouth). The fox could not eat anything. He could only lick the outside of the jar He felt quite hungry at the end of the dinner but he could not say anything. The stork readily thrust her long bill into her jar and enjoyed her dinner.

Moral: Tit for tat.

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