The Fox And The Crow

words: 150

                   One day a crow stole a piece of meat and flew away with it in her beak. She sat on a branch of a tree. A clever fox saw it. He was greedy. He wanted to have the piece of meat. So thinking, the fox walked to the foot of the tree. “Good morning, Miss crow!”, loudly said the fox to draw the attention of the crow. He again said, “How nice you look today! How beautiful your bright eyes and glossy feathers are!” The fox continued, “You are so beautiful and your voice must be very sweet, Miss Crow.” The fox requested the crow to sing a song. The foolish crow was pleased at the praise of the fox. As soon as she opened her beak to sing, the piece of meat fell down and the clever fox picked it up and went away.

Moral: A flatterer must not be trusted.

The Fox And The Crow

words: 175

                       One day (once) a crow stole a piece of meat from a meat-shop. She flew away with it and sat on a tree (on the top of a tall tree). She was about to eat. Then a fox was passing under the tree (At that time a fox reached there). He saw it. He wanted to have it. (He was tempted to see the piece of meat). He wanted to have it. The fox hit upon a plan. He said to the crow, “You are a beautiful bird. But it is a pity that you cannot (can’t) sing.” At this the vain (foolish) crow was pleased. (She wanted to please him with her song). Then she began to sing. She then opened her mouth and began to sing. As a result, the piece of meat dropped on the ground (Down dropped the piece of meat). The piece of meat fell down to the ground. The sly fox ate it and went away merrily. 

Moral: Don’t trust a flatterer.


Never believe a flatterer.

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