Who will bell the cat?


Who is to bell the cat?

words: 100

       A house was full of nice. The master (owner) of the house brought a cat to kill the mice. The mice were in great difficulty. They planned to get rid of the cat. They held a meeting. A young mouse said, “Let us tie a bell around the cat’s neck.” We shall know where the cat is by its twinkle. Then an old mouse said, “This is a good idea (plan) no doubt. But who will bell the cat?” No one answered.

Moral: Easier said than done.

It is easier to say than to do.

The Cat And The Mice


The Cat And The Bell

words: 180

             There lived a large number of mice in a house. (Many mice lived in a house.) The master of the house was very much worried (annoyed). He made a plan to get rid of them. He brought a cat to kill the mice. The mice were in great difficulty. They could not move freely as before. They held a meeting to find a way to come out of the dagger. Several proposals were made but none was good. A young mouse said, “ Let us tie a bell round the cat’s neck. If the cat moves, we shall be alert (warned) and hide ourselves in time.” All the mice thanked the young mouse for his plan. But an old mouse stood up and said , “ It is a good plan , no doubt . But, who will tie the bell? (Who will bell the cat?) All remained (were) silent for a while and left the meeting with a sad mood (with a heavy heart).

Moral: Easier said than done.

It is easy to say but hard (difficult) to do.

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