The Cap Seller And The Monkeys

words: 168

              One day a cap-seller was returning from market. He was moving about in the sun. So he was tired and hungry. He lay in the shade of a tree for rest. The gentle breeze was blowing. Within a short time he fell into a deep sleep with a basket of red caps by his side.

             When he woke up, he was surprised to find that all his caps were gone. He was very much surprised at this. He saw a number of monkeys swinging on the branches. Each of them wore a cap like him. The cap-seller tried to get back his caps but failed. At last he hit upon a plan. He knew the monkeys imitate others. He threw away his own cap. The monkeys imitated his action. The cap-seller collected the caps and went away with a joyful heart.


Moral: Necessity is the mother of invention.


Presence of mind often solves a difficult problem.


Presence of mind saves loss.


Ready-wit  saves loss.

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