The Boys And The Frogs

words: 190

               One day some boys were playing by the side of a pond. After a while they began to throw stones into the pond out of fun. Some frogs lived in the pond. (There were some frogs in the pond). They were hit by the stones (A good number of frogs who lived in the pond were hurt). 

             At last an old frog raised his head and said, “Dear boy, why are you throwing stones at us?” “We are not throwing stones at you. “We are just playing” replied the boys. (The boys said,” We are just playing.) The old frog then said, “Dear boys please try to understand what is play to you is death to us.” The boys felt sorry for their folly and stopped the cruel sport.

         “Boys, stop your cruel sport, what is play to you is death to us.”  The boy realised their fault and stopped their game. 

Moral: One man’s pleasure may lead (cause) to another man’s displeasure.


What’s play to one is death to another.


One man’s joy may cause pain to another.


One man’s pleasure may cause sorrow to others.

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