King Solomon’s Wisdom

words: 160

             Once there lived a king named Solomon. He was known far and wide for his wisdom. The Queen of Sheba heard of his wisdom.  She wanted to test his wisdom.

          One day the Queen invited King Solomon to her court. She brought two garlands of roses. One of them was real and the other was artificial. The Queen requested the King Solomon to pick up (choose) the real one without touching. Both the garlands looked alike and real. The King and his courtiers were confused. The King looked at the garlands and thought for a while. The he ordered his servant to open the windows of the room. Then and there the windows were opened. Soon the bees came in and sat on one of the garlands (sat on the real garland). Then the King picked up the real one and handed over it to the Queen. The queen was surprised and pleased at wisdom of King Solomon.

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