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Write a letter to your friend giving an account of your ‘Aim in life.’

Examination hall


24th August 2019

My dear Bimal,

             I am highly glad to receive you letter. In your letter you have wanted to know about my aim in life. I am writing you a few lines about it. (Here it is).

             Different men have different aims. I have also an aim in life. A man without an aim is like a ship without a rudder. My aim is very simple. I want to be a doctor. I shall study medicine in a medical college. Our villagers are very poor. They live from hand to mouth. They suffer much for want of medical treatment. So, I want to serve the poor people in my native village. I shall also try to set up a hospital with the help of the Government. I want to set up a charitable dispensary. I shall treat the poor patients free of cost. I have no ambition for fame. I do not want much money. I intend to serve the poor villagers in a very humble way.

 Lovingly yours,


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