Morning Walk

                   Morning walk is a good habit. It is the best exercise. It is fresh and free from pollution. It keeps us fit and fresh throughout the day. It is good for all classes of people – the rich and the poor, the young and the old, etc. A good start of any work is half done.

Morning walk gives us opportunity to come in close contact with nature. While walking in the morning we can see the beautiful golden rays of the rising sun. We can enjoy the sight of blooming flowers and see diamond dews of the green grass. We can hear the sweet songs of the early birds. The first rays of the sun are good for health.

Morning walk is good for fat men and women who require to reduce weight. It is also good for lean and thin men and women. They can develop the power of digestion and become healthy. It is the easiest and cheapest exercise. So all of us should form the habit of walking in the morning. “A morning walk a day keeps the doctor away” – so goes the saying.


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