NOTICE –  Debate Competition

Suppose you are the secretary of your school. Write a notice inviting the students to participate in the debate. 


Debate Competition

No: 4

Date: November 5, 2019

                         Attention of the students of our school is hereby drawn to the fact that our school is going to organize a ‘Debate  Competition’. The willing students to participate in the competition are requested to enlist their names to the undersigned on or before 10th November. Language allowed is English. The topic of the debate is Mobile Phone – A Ban or A Boon.’

They must note the followings:

  1. Place of competition – School premises
  2. 15th November, 2019
  3. Time: From 10 am to 3pm

The students may contact the undersigned for further details, if required. Co-operation from all is solicited.

Countersigned                                                                                                                  Sd/-


PQR  School                                                                                                                                                    



PQR  School

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