Write a letter to the editor complaining against the price rise of the essential commodities.


Price Rise (Price Hike)


     The Editor

     The Statesman

     4, Chowringhee Square

     Kolkata – 1

Subject:  Price- Rise


      I shall be highly thankful if you kindly publish this letter in your popular daily.

      The prices of our daily necessaries are going up day by day. The income of the people is not increasing. We cannot meet our expenses with our fixed income. We cannot have a square meal. Rice sells at Rs. 70 per kg. Vegetables are also dear. Fish and meat are beyond our purchasing power. The middle class people are the worst sufferers.

        I, therefore, request the Government to look into the matter and take immediate steps and oblige thereby.

        I hope our popular Government will not lag behind in this respect.

Thanking you,



22nd September 2019


Yours faithfully,

  Purabi Roy

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