Write a letter to the editor about the Plastic Hazard.

Plastic Hazard


 The Editor

 The Statesman

  4, Chowringhee Square

 Kolkata – 1


Sub: Plastic Hazard ( Harm caused by the use of plastic bags and plastic cups)



 I shall be highly obliged if you kindly publish my letter in your popular daily. At present plastic bags and cups are used by shop keepers at random. They have become so popular that they have replaced the use of paper bags, jute bags and glasses or cups made of clay. They are indeed, light, convenient and cheap, but they pose serious threats to ecological balance and human health.

 I, therefore, request the government to look into the matter and take immediate steps and oblige thereby.   I hope our popular Government will not lag behind in this respect.


Thanking you,

Talpukur Road 


19th April 2019

Yours faithfully,

Manik Sarkar