Write a letter to the editor about the disturbances  caused by the use microphones.


 Misuse Of Microphone


     The Editor

     The Statesman

     4, Chowringhee Square

     Kolkata – 1

     Subject:  Misuse of Microphone


     I shall be highly  glad if you kindly publish my letter  in your popular daily. The microphone  is  undoubtedly a great blessing of modern science. It has a great educative value. But its continuous use by the young people causes a great disturbances to the public. Old men cannot enjoy their leisure and cannot sleep even at night. The students cannot mind their lessons. The patients feel uneasy. So the microphone has become a nuisance in the hands of the young people.

       I, therefore, request the Government to look into the matter and take immediate steps and oblige thereby.

Talpukur Road                                                                                                                                 


22nd September 2019




Yours faithfully,

   Sudip Das

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