Write a letter to the editor complaining of the inconvenience caused by the Hawkers on the pavement (footpath).


Hawkers on the pavement (footpath)


     The Editor

     The Statesman

     4, Chowringhee Square

     Kolkata – 1

Sub: Problem caused by hawkers on the footpath (pavement)



      I would like to express my views on the problem caused by the hawkers on the footpath through your esteemed daily.

       The encroachment of the pavements by the hawkers pose severe problems for the passersby. The problems are growing graver day by day. The hawkers use the footpaths (the pavements) as tax free and rent free open spaces for their stalls. These stalls obstruct the free movement of the passersby because of the narrowing of the space of pavements. The passersby (the pedestrians) are sometimes compelled to work on the road instead of the footpath. As a result, the roads become crowded causing accidents. The nuisance must be stopped at any cost.

        I appeal to the Government to take effective steps without any further delay and oblige. 

Vivekananda Pally


22nd September 2019  


Yours faithfully,

Raja Das

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