Write a letter to the editor about the Alarming Spread Of Malaria.

Alarming Spread Of Malaria


 The Editor

 The Statesman

  4, Chowringhee Square

 Kolkata – 1

Sub: Alarming Spread of Malaria



 I shall be highly thankful if you kindly publish this letter in your esteemed daily. Our city has been infested with flies and mosquitoes which are spreading many kinds of diseases like Malaria.

Life has become unbearable because of the bites of the mosquitoes. Heaps of garbage and stagnant water in the drain, ditches and ponds are the breeding grounds of flies and mosquitoes. As a result, malaria has broken out almost in an epidemic form in this area.

 I, therefore, request the government to look into the matter and take immediate steps.

Thanking you,



19th April 2019


Yours faithfully,

Raja Das