Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

A Great National Hero

The man I admire most

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is my favourite hero. He was an ideal leader. His name is a household word. Subhas was born on 23rd January in 1897 at Cuttack in Orissa. He belonged to a noble family of 24 parganas in Bengal. His father Raibahadur Janikinath Bose was a government pleader. Subhas stood second in the Entrance Examination. He passed the B.A. examination in 1919. He stood fourth (came out fourth) in the Indian Civil Service Examination. But he did not join any service under the British Govt. He threw himself into political work. He joined the non-co-operation movement of Gandhiji  and worked under Desbandhu Chittaranjan Das. He became the mayor of Calcutta Corporation in 1930. He was elected president of the National Congress twice. He established a separate political party called the ‘Forward Block’.  He fought for India’s freedom. He left India in disguise and formed the Ajad Hind Fauj, the Indian National Army (INA). He fought hard battles to achieve his mission.

His attempts, however, failed. His whereabouts are still a mystery. It was reported that he was killed in an air crash. Dead or alive, our beloved Netaji is always in our hearts. His life is, a source of inspiration, to all patriots of all ages.

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